Illinois Disability Law

Nash Disability Law has helped thousands of residents in Illinois win Social Security Disability Benefits.

Illinois Disability Lawyer Tom NashIf you’re trying to win disability benefits, you need the help of a disability lawyer.  At Nash Disability Law, we understand you are struggling.  Our local, experienced Illinois Disability attorneys will help you navigate the complicated Social Security Disability processes.  We have the resources and the experience to get you the benefits you deserve.

Applying for Disability in Illinois

If you are looking to apply for disability in Illinois, you may be overwhelmed – In fact, it is so difficult that many disabiliy lawyers don’t want to help you with your application. Not at Nash Disability Law.  We have decades of combined experience helping the residents of Illinois win benefits at every level of their claim.

We work with the Illinois Social Security Disability administration to make sure you are receiving the attention that you deserve.

Did you get denied disability benefits?  Let us appeal your claim.

Don't throw in the towel! It is stressful when you get denied, but there are options.  Appealing your claim may take time, but we can win. Nash Disability Law has been turning social security disability denials into approvals in Illinois since 1989.

We know the Illinois denial process and the local resources. We will file Request for Reconsideration and work on your claim at every level.

Contact our office today to discuss your Social Security Disability claim.

What does it cost?

We will not charge you any fee or case expense, unless you win. The most we will ever charge is 25% of your past due benefits.

Call our office today to discuss your case!