Chicago Disability Lawyers Testimonials


Read real testimonials of Chicago area residents who received benefits with the help of the disability attorneys at Nash Disability Law.

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    As the Holiday season is upon us it reminds me of how very thankful I am to you all for providing the legal services you perform so well. Because of your work and dedication, even as my physical health gets worse as the years pass I am allowed the dignity to remain living in my own home. Being independent and staying in my own home provides me a good and decent life. Because of your efforts I have joy and hope in my life.

   Thanks you for all your help with my disability case. I felt very confident after discussing my claim with your attorneys. The representation I had for my court date was wonderful. I know I couldn't have done all that you did on my own. I am very appreciative for all the hard work, time, and care you gave to me!

   Thank you for letting your staff help me with my Social Security disability case. I am very happy with the outcome. Please, thank your staff for me. Lot of people do not know about trying to get Social Security disability benefits without a lawyer. They think it will happen and they will have all the money to themselves. I know I was one of them (smile). But thanks to T.V. I saw your commercial and made the call. God Bless you and your staff.

   Thank you so much for all you and the staff have done for me. It meant a lot to me every time I called and whoever I talked to knew all about my case. It was wonderful that I didn’t get pushed from one person to another. Your staff was always happy; they acted like they personally know me. But most of all I can't believe how fast you had my case done. You and your staff really put a smile on my face. Thank you for doing what I couldn’t get done. Everyone will know Tom Nash!

   Thank you so very much for your help with my disability claim.  Please thank each and everyone who helped in getting this done. Every time I had questions and had to call you for advice, whomever I spoke with at the time was very helpful and polite and most of all caring. Once again, Mr. Nash, thank you so very much.

   I'd like to take this time to send you my belated heartfelt thanks in successfully handling my disability case.  Your staff was most helpful in answering all my questions.  No matter who I spoke with, they were all well versed on the procedures, made sure I fully understood what the process was and showed compassion and patience.  I really appreciate that.  Customer service is a key to a successful team.  Thank you again for all your help. 

   I'd like to thank everyone in your office that worked on my recent Social Security disability case.  I was originally denied benefits after I applied on my own.  Thanks to the work of your office, my appeal was successful.  These benefits will allow me to live my life at a slower, more tolerable pace and eliminate the possibility of another risky back surgery. 

Before I contacted your office, I spoke with someone at Binder & Binder.  I was disappointed with how I was treated by them and felt like just another case number.  When I first contacted your office, I was very fortunate to speak with Sarah.  She spent over 30 minutes discussing my case and explaining things to me before I was even a client.  Her personal attention gave me confidence in your firm.  She was especially encouraging after my claim was denied and I was considering dropping my case.  Her statement that "we don't take on cases that we don't think have merit" gave me encouragement to continue. 

I'm certain there were other people, unknown to me, who also worked on my case that deserve appreciation.  I hope that you will express my thanks to them, including Dan who kept me informed. 

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