Kevin Lichtenthal

Chicago, IL, Social Security Disability Attorney

Kevin Lichtenthal
Kevin Lichtenthal

Kevin Lichtenthal

People needing help with Social Security Disability claims in the Chicago area can work with disability attorney Kevin Lichtenthal at Nash Disability Law.

Applying for disability benefits is an involved process, including gathering medical evidence, explaining work history, filling out multiple forms, and appealing disability benefit denials in Social Security’s unique legal system.

A disability lawyer can relieve you of the legwork, steer you clear of mistakes—and make sure you are personally treated with respect as you seek benefits.

The financial support you get from disability benefits can give you a greater sense of peace when you can’t work due to health problems. And working with a lawyer costs nothing until you win benefits.

Kevin is originally from the Chicagoland area. Before becoming a lawyer, he started his career as a claims examiner for a private, long-term disability insurance company, giving him an inside look at how benefits programs view disability claims.

He decided to switch to representing people who need benefits when their claims go before examiners like he used to be.

Now he focuses on Social Security Disability law, a government benefits program instead of private insurance.
He has lived and worked all over the country representing numerous clients.

Kevin is passionate about helping people who need help the most—fighting for the rights and access to assistance of people with disabilities.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in health education from the University of Arizona and a master’s degree in public health policy and management from the Arizona College of Public Health.

After working for a health policy planning grant as a project manager, he decided to switch career paths and attend law school at the Phoenix School of Law, where he graduated in 2010.

His clients benefit from the wealth of knowledge he has gathered on issues of health, the law and disability benefits.

If you can’t work because of serious health impairments, and you’re facing financial strain, talk to us at Nash Disability Law.