Social Security Disability When You’re Over 50 in Chicago

Tom Nash helps couple whose child was denied SSI
Tom Nash helps couple whose child was denied SSI

Could You Use a Boost Getting Disability Benefits?

Monthly income to help pay your bills. Access to Medicare to cover your health problems.

Most of all: A sense that you can reach a place of stability after medical conditions force you to stop working.

Social Security Disability benefits provide all of it.

The trouble is, over three-quarters of people get denied for disability benefits on their first application.

What could help you get in the smaller group that wins benefits?

Possibly, your age.

If you’re over 50 years old, your chances of winning Social Security Disability improve.

But it’s not automatic. You have to show Social Security how your age combined with your health impairments and your work experience combine to qualify you for benefits.

Nash Disability Law works with this process every day.

We’ve helped more Chicago area people get benefits than any other law firm.

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Social Security Disability Age Brackets

Social Security looks at your disability claim from several angles. One of the factors is age.

In deciding whether it thinks you truly need financial support in the form of disability benefits, the government puts you into these categories:

  • Ages 18-49: At these ages, Social Security calls you a “Younger Person.” To them that means you’re more likely able to switch to different, new jobs, even if your health prevents you from doing your past job.
  • Ages 50-54: This is an age group that Social Security Disability benefits are more clearly designed to help. You’re not expected to be as flexible about switching to new lines of work if you face a health interruption. Social Security calls it “Closely Approaching Advanced Age.”
  • Ages 55 and Above: When you’re between 55 and retirement age, Social Security considers health problems to be even more limiting for you in terms of which types of work you could do. Now they say you are a “Person of Advanced Age.”

Once you reach retirement age, you switch to retirement benefits.

Social Security Disability—particularly Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits—were created to help you when you’ve worked a substantial amount, but you run into health conditions that push you out of the workforce before retirement age.

It’s there to fill a gap between working and paying into Social Security through your paychecks and qualifying for retirement.

Let the Chicago disability lawyers at Nash Disability Law look at your situation and let you know how benefits could help you.

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    Why Does Being Over 50 Change Your Chances of Getting Social Security Disability?

    You can find the reason Social Security Disability benefits are easier to get when you’re 50 or above in the basic qualifications for benefits:

    • You must have severe health problems.
    • You must be unable to work, at all, due those health problems.

    Deciding if you’re unable to work any job—whether it’s your current job or a past job—hinges on your age.

    You can see in the age categories listed above that a younger person may be expected to be able to hold some kind of job, even if it’s less physically demanding, say, than their earlier jobs.

    It won’t matter as much whether the new job pays as well as your old job, or whether you have a background in that kind of work already, when you’re younger.

    When you’ve over 50, those factors do matter, and if you can’t continue in your most recent employment, due to bad health, that may be enough to get you disability income.

    You’ve got to make sure to present the information about your training, experience and specific limitations of your health problems in a way that helps Social Security see that you should receive benefits because it’s not realistic that you’ll be able to work.

    Disability attorneys at Nash Disability Law know what you need and don’t need for your disability claim.

    We want to see you get back on steadier ground.

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