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Failure to Pay Uncle Sam Can Get You in Jam

September 16, 2019

Advice from Attorney James Leeny To qualify for disability insurance benefits, you must have paid enough taxes into the Social Security program through the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA). Traditionally, these tax payments are withheld from your paycheck and paid by your employer. Paying Social Security taxes is not much different from owning any other

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Using a Magnifying Glass to Find an Elephant

September 11, 2019

Insight from Nash Attorney Dan Rosen Social Security disability insurance was designed to be a safety net that you and I and every other working American pays for with FICA contributions deducted from our paychecks. However, thousands of Americans who have been injured or are suffering an illness and are unable to work are falling

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Do You Have an IEP for Your Child? And Do You Need One? (Part 2)

September 6, 2019

Insight from Attorney Amy Altbach Now it’s time for the IEP meeting, but you’re not sure what to expect. What’s in an IEP? What is your role in the process? In last month’s newsletter, we began the conversation about IEPs and how to request your child to be evaluated for special education services by the

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An Illinois Congresswoman Has a Plan to Fix Health Care

September 4, 2019

The youngest African-American woman in Congress, Illinois Representative Lauren Underwood, has a plan to fix health care and save the Affordable Care Act. The 32-year-old Underwood is drawing on her experience as a nurse to tackle what the majority of voters believe is the number one issue in America—the high cost of health care and

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