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Telehealth and Disability: What You Need to Know

July 15, 2020

It was, and still is, a frequent call from clients during the COVID-19 pandemic: “I can’t see my doctor because their office is closed due to the coronavirus.” However, when we suggested telehealth, our clients’ ears often perked up. In fact, many of our clients were using telehealth visits already, both for physical and mental

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Emphasizing Wellness Is A Family Affair

July 8, 2020

Perspective from Tom Nash I opened the doors of Nash Disability Law in 1989. As a former staff attorney for a Social Security Administrative Law Judge, I believed I could apply an insider’s perspective of Social Security to help clients win benefits, advocate for who those who were wrongfully denied benefits, and work to reverse

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Meet Devyn Cook

July 1, 2020

A spotlight on a professional team member who works for you at Nash Disability Law If you were searching for the ideal attorney to fight for your rights, you would look for a top-notch professional who is tenacious, who takes the time to really understand your personal situation, and who is compassionate. That perfectly describes

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Hero Stuff and Villain Stuff in a Public Health and National Crisis

June 10, 2020

An often repeated phrase during the current COVID-19 crisis is “We’re all in this together.” And though there are exceptions, ordinary Americans have responded accordingly. And there have been countless inspiring examples of humble American patriotism and heroism. What about our leadership?

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