Israel Moskovits

Chicago, IL, Disability Appeals Lawyer

Israel Moskovits

When you need to go before a disability judge to make your case for getting Social Security Disability benefits, you want a lawyer like Israel Moskovits from Nash Disability Law by your side.

Israel is a disability hearing attorney at our Chicago area law firm, helping people appeal denials of Social Security Disability benefits.

He has dedicated his career to helping every-day, hardworking people when health and financial problems disrupt their lives.
Before joining Nash, he spent 11 years practicing as a consumer bankruptcy law attorney. He assisted thousands of clients in discharging millions of dollars of burdensome debt.

During that time, Israel developed a reputation among judges and colleagues as a tenacious advocate for his clients.

Israel was born and raised in the City of Chicago. He received his Juris Doctor degree from the Loyola University Chicago Law School.

He has a passion for making sure his clients are treated with dignity and respect—and for making complicated legal concepts easy to understand as you go through the process of seeking disability benefits.