Apply for Disability Benefits for Disabled Adult Children in Chicago, IL

Nash Disability Intake Manager meets with man in need of SSI for his child
The team at Nash Disability Law, like senior case intake manager Sara Eminhizer, left, helps you apply for SSDI benefits as an adult child based on your parents' Social Security record.
Nash Disability Intake Manager meets with man in need of SSI for his child

Find out for FREE if your family member qualifies for Disabled Adult Child benefits

A lot of people who’ve had disabilities since childhood depend on their parents for support.

But when a parent retires or dies – or perhaps becomes disabled themselves – family life can change dramatically.

If you or a family member is facing this stress and uncertainty, the federal government has a program that could provide a measure of stability: Social Security Disability Insurance for a disabled adult child (DAC).

If the given family member has been unable to work since before age 22, and his or her parents worked enough under the Social Security system to qualify for benefits, this could be an option for you.

But Social Security has thousands of rules for disability benefits, and applying for benefits as a disabled adult child comes with particular challenges.

A disability attorney from Nash Disability Law can explain how the system is supposed to work for you. And you pay nothing to learn more.

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    The Nash Disability Law team helps you apply for disability benefits for disabled adult children in Chicago.

    Applying for benefits as a disabled adult child is complicated. Nash Disability Law will evaluate your situation for free.

    What you need to qualify for benefits as a disabled adult child

    For DAC applicants, Social Security has certain qualifications covering your age, your marital status, your health and your parents’ situation:

    • You’re 18 or older.
    • You’re not married.
    • One of your parents paid enough Social Security taxes through work and is deceased, or now receives Social Security disability or retirement benefits.
    • You have medical condition(s) that have made it impossible for you to work since before age 22.

    The Nash Disability Law team helps you apply for disability benefits for disabled adult children in Chicago.

    Nash Disability Law helps you through all the steps of applying for SSDI benefits as a disabled adult child.

    How do I apply for adult child disability benefits?

    To apply for DAC benefits as a child of someone who qualified for Social Security benefits, you fill out an application from the Social Security Administration explaining your situation.

    You also submit medical records showing you have a disability that has kept you from working since before age 22.

    Apply as soon as you can. The task of showing that your medical condition left you disabled before age 22 is a challenge in itself, because you often have to track down records from the start of your health problems.

    While it seems like Social Security should be able to look at your health condition and easily see that you need benefits, it doesn’t always work that way.

    Most people get denied when they first apply.

    A disability lawyer from Nash Disability Law can help you through the process. We’ve helped thousands of our Chicago-area neighbors win benefits.

    You don’t pay an attorney’s fee unless you win.

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    How does Nash Disability Law help you?

    1. We evaluate your situation to see if you have a case – for free.
    2. We explain the best method for applying based on your circumstances.
    3. We give you advice on what you can do to help get your claim approved.
    4. We make sure you meet all the deadlines, and we don’t let your application get delayed or lost.
    5. We help you explain your case to Social Security in a way that maximizes your benefits.
    6. We identify which medical records are the most important ones for your case.
    7. We help you understand what’s NOT important for your case.
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