Appeal Denial of Disability Benefits for Disabled Adult Children in Chicago, IL

Tom Nash helps couple whose child was denied SSI
Tom Nash leads a team of lawyers at Nash Disability Law who help Chicago area people appeal for adult child SSDI benefits.
Tom Nash helps couple whose child was denied SSI

Get help turning your denial into an approval

When you or a family member receive a denial of adult child Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, it can be devastating. You were counting on those benefits to fill the gap left when the working, supporting parent cannot help like they did in the past.

But don’t give up hope!

Most people get denied when they first apply for adult child SSDI. At Nash Disability Law, we strongly urge you to consider appealing the decision to the Social Security Administration. Appeals are when many people win benefits.

At this stage in the process, it can make a big difference to have a disability attorney who builds the strongest case for you. And it doesn’t cost anything to try. We evaluate your case for free. We don’t charge a fee unless you win.

As part of your appeal, you may need to see a judge. We will prepare you ahead of time so we can go into your hearing together with confidence.

Social Security Disability law is a separate system from other kinds of law. It has its own rules, procedures and judges.

Unlike some law firms that practice many types of law, Nash Disability Law focuses entirely on Social Security Disability cases. We do this to give you the best chance of winning benefits.

If you received a disabled adult child disability denial and need to appeal, call us today.

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The Nash Disability Law team helps you apply for disability benefits for disabled adult children in Chicago.

Don’t delay starting your appeal

The first thing to know about appealing your adult child SSDI denial is that you need to move fast.

Important! Social Security has a strict deadline to appeal.

  • Call Nash Disability Law right away so you don’t miss the deadline. We’ll make sure your case isn’t lost in the system.
  • And hold on to all your records. Social Security can lose or fail to process documents.

YOUR disability case!

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    Appeal denial of disability benefits for disabled adult children in Chicago with the team at Nash Disability Law.

    Understand why you were denied disabled adult child SSDI benefits and appeal quickly with help from Nash Disability Law.

    Why were you denied?

    Disabled adult child cases have a special challenge: You have to show you had a medical condition leaving you unable to work before age 22. But if you’re several years older it can be hard to track down the evidence that supports your particular limitations.

    The Social Security Administration could turn down your adult child SSDI benefits for that reason, or many others:

    • A claims examiner decides your condition isn’t severe enough.
    • You don’t have enough medical evidence confirming the severity of your condition.
    • You haven’t received enough medical treatment.
    • Social Security didn’t collect the necessary records of your case.
    • In many ways, the most important “reason” is that the system is geared to ensure people don’t get the benefit too

    Experienced lawyers like those at Nash Disability Law can address all of these problems and many more that might come up as you appeal for adult child SSDI benefits.

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    Appeal denial of disability benefits for disabled adult children in Chicago with the team at Nash Disability Law.

    Nash Disability Law will help you through every step of appealing for disabled adult child SSDI benefits.

    What happens next when you appeal?

    Social Security has four levels of appeal for your adult child SSDI case:

    • Reconsideration: Nash Disability Law will help you take your case back to Social Security. You can submit new evidence at this point, and a different person within the Social Security system will review it.
    • Hearing: If you still get a denial (very, very common), we’ll help you prepare for a hearing with a Social Security administrative law judge (ALJ). This is your only chance to meet face-to-face with someone who has decision-making authority on your case. This is a critical moment. One of our lawyers will prepare your arguments and help you get comfortable and ready to testify. We’ll bring our knowledge of the medical experts that Social Security pays to testify about your situation – and how to question them. You need to get the most out of your hearing because it takes a long time to get there. In early 2017, Social Security had a backlog of a million people waiting for hearings. Some people wait 18 months or
    • Appeals Council: If the ALJ denies your claim, you can ask for another review by Social Security’s Appeals Council (AC). We will help you decide if you should take this step. The AC reviews whether the ALJ’s decision was legally sound. While the council technically can grant benefits, the most it usually does is send the case back for another hearing.
    • Federal Court: If you disagree with the Appeals Council’s decision, we can file a lawsuit in U.S. District Court to argue for your benefits. At this stage, you will need a lawyer registered to practice in federal court, like those at Nash Disability Law.

    What does Nash Disability Law do for your appeal?

    1. We assess the facts in your situation, getting a bead on what’s important and what’s not.
    2. We analyze your Social Security file.
    3. We obtain additional evidence from doctors and other medical providers.
    4. We build your legal arguments.
    5. We prepare you to testify.
    6. We question witnesses for you.
    7. We cross-examine any medical and vocational experts that the government pays to testify at your hearing.







    The experts the government brings in to testify could hurt your chances of winning benefits. But an attorney from Nash Disability Law will be at your side all the way, defending you and questioning them.

    Social Security’s own statistics show that people are more successful winning benefits when they have a lawyer. Get one who knows how the system works in the Chicago area.

    Appeal denial of disability benefits for disabled adult children in Chicago with the team at Nash Disability Law.

    If you were denied – or if you still need to apply – call us now.

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