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Qualify for SSI in Chicago, IL

Chicago Man Qualifies for SSI
Chicago area people are full of grit and determination. Find out if you qualify for SSI benefits.
Chicago Man Qualifies for SSI

Find out for FREE if you qualify for SSI

You’re struggling with bad health. You’re worried about paying for housing and transportation, or putting food on the table. You know it’s impossible for you to work.

But to win Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits and gain a measure of financial stability, the Social Security Administration wants you to prove it.

The Social Security Administration is a massive government agency with thousands of rules. Most people get turned down when they first apply. But at Nash Disability Law, we know Chicagoland people are tough and full of grit and determination.

With some law firms, you won’t see a lawyer until minutes before you have a hearing with a judge. Terrible idea.

We take the time to sit with you in person – or consult with you on the phone – to build your best case for benefits.

At Nash Disability Law, you pay nothing until you win. And if you’re wondering whether you qualify for SSI, give us a call. We will evaluate your situation for free.

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Medical Conditions to Qualify


Qualify for SSI in Chicago with help from Nash Disability Law.

What is the SSI definition of disability?

To win SSI benefits, you must meet Social Security’s definition of disability:

  • You must have a physical or mental impairment that leaves you unable to work;
  • Your medical condition must be expected to leave you unable to work for a year.

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    What health conditions qualify for SSI?

    Almost any medical problem stopping you from working can mean you deserve disability benefits.
    Here is a partial list of common medical conditions that qualify for benefits:

    If you don’t see your medical problem in this list, just ask us about it. When you bring your situation to Nash Disability Law, we’re always available to meet you in person to get a better understanding of your medical condition and circumstances.

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    Qualify for SSI in Chicago with help from Nash Disability Law.

    To apply for SSI benefits, you have to fill out an application.

    What are the financial requirements for SSI?

    When you meet the health qualifications for SSI, your next step is meeting these requirements:

    • You have limited income.
    • You have limited resources, like property and savings.
    • You’ve applied for any other cash benefits you may be eligible for, such as pensions or Social Security retirement.
    • You’ve filed an application for SSI.

    Children with disabilities that limit their ability to function can also qualify for childhood SSI.

    Apply for SSI in Chicago with help from Nash Disability Law.
    Social Security has thousands of rules, but Nash Disability Law can help you through the process of applying for SSI.

    How Does Nash Disability Law help you?

    Most people get turned down when they first apply for disability benefits. At Nash Disability Law, we focus entirely on understanding this system so we can help you.

    In our decades of experience with disability law, we’ve developed some important strategies:

    • Every case is different, so we help you tell your unique story.
    • Evidence is important to your case. We work together to get the right evidence in front of the right person in the government at the right time.
    • Social Security has been known to lose documents or claim it never received them. We collect written proof that Social Security received all of the important documents in your case.
    • Your medical treatment record is important for your case, so we assess whether you’ve been talking with your doctor about your daily health problems and limitations.
    • Details of your situation are important. It’s no time to be embarrassed or to hide them. Remember, you deserve these benefits to protect your independence and dignity.
    Chicago Woman Qualifies for SSI


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