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The team at Nash Disability Law is dedicated to helping more Chicago area people get Social Security Disability benefits than any other law firm.
Learn more about Nash Disability Law.

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To help you win your benefits, the attorneys and professionals at Nash Disability Law work in four teams:

CONTACT US, Chicago Social Security disability lawyers, to help with your disability claim! Our staff speaks Spanish and Polish. Ask for help in SPANISH or Polish, if English is not your primary language.

About Nash Disability Law: Our Intake Team

I. Intake Team

The Nash Intake Team, headed by attorneys Demetra Geller and Amy Altbach, evaluates the merits of every new Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) case.

  • We consider information about your health problems and how they affect your ability to work.
  • We know that everyone has a unique story to tell, so we carefully listen to the details you share.
  • We recognize that this may be your first time contacting a lawyer, so we caringly take time to understand your situation.
  • We realize the decision to pursue disability benefits can be scary, so we try to explain the process in plain terms.

The evaluation can be done over the telephone or in person at one of our convenient office locations around Chicagoland. Call today to discuss your situation or to schedule an appointment to meet one of our experienced attorneys.

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The evaluation is always free, and there are no upfront costs for our representation from Nash Disability Law.

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About Nash Disability Law: Our Case Management Team.

II. Case Management Team

The Nash Case Management team, headed by attorney Dan Rosen, handles cases through the heart of the Social Security process. Each client has an attorney and a paralegal dedicated to his or her claim. On behalf of each client, the attorney and paralegal work to monitor your claim status, file appeals, obtain medical records, submit evidence and arguments, and execute the strategy for getting your claim approved.

Since you will likely have questions about your claim, our Case Management Team is available to offer information and answers. Also, since many clients’ circumstances change with time, our Case Management Team is standing by to give attention to any important developments in your health or other matters.

Tom Nash and his team strongly believe that clients deserve personal and timely attention. Therefore, calls are handled courteously, and we work to be sure that messages are returned promptly. The Case Management Team’s motto: When our clients need us, we must be there for them.

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About Nash Disability Law: Our Hearing Team

III. Hearing Team

The Nash Hearing Team attorneys have successfully represented clients at thousands of greater Chicago Metro area Social Security disability and SSI hearings. Nash Hearing attorneys appear day in and day out before the judges, testifying medical experts, and hearing office staff. They know the process, the people and will be passionate about your situation.

Prior to a hearing, your attorney will tell you what to expect and will help you prepare your testimony, obtain additional evidence, and sometimes create detailed memoranda for Social Security about your case.

You want an attorney at your hearing. Your hearing is held before an Administrative Law Judge or “ALJ.” The hearing may include a medical expert called by the ALJ to testify about your health and work-related problems.

The hearing may also include a “vocational expert” to testify regarding the existence of jobs that a claimant can perform despite his or her limitations, suggesting a denial of benefits.

At the hearing, your attorney will present your case for disability benefits, cite medical evidence and the law, help you present your personal testimony, cross-examine the medical and/or vocational experts, and work to persuade the ALJ to issue a favorable decision for you.

Every disability claimant is encouraged to exercise your right to an attorney, so contact us and let us handle your case. Having your lawyer at the hearing can make the difference between whether you win or lose.


About Nash Disability Law: Our Benefits Team.

IV. Benefits Team

The Nash Benefits Team knows that you can’t pay a stack of bills with a written decision – even a favorable decision! That’s why we work to ensure that Social Security makes a timely and accurate award of due benefits to our clients.

The Benefits Team will be happy to explain what a favorable decision means to you in terms of dates of entitlement, retroactive pay, and medical coverage.


Contact us, Chicago Social Security disability lawyers, to help with your disability claim!

Our Social Security disability attorney team structure – intake attorneys, case management attorneys, and hearing attorneys, by design — allows all of us to work together to provide the best service, advocacy and results to our clients.

As Tom Nash says, “Don’t get lost in the system. Get the money you’re entitled to.” We know that it is not just about your benefits, it is about your life.

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