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Nash Disability Intake Manager meets with man in need of SSI for his child
You can talk to team members at Nash Disability Law, like senior case intake manager Sara Eminhizer, left, about SSI disability benefits for your child with special needs.
Nash Disability Intake Manager meets with man in need of SSI for his child

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When you’re raising a child with a disability, most people simply can’t understand what you’re going through.
It’s incredibly challenging. And you’re always searching for any available resources that could help your child.

What a lot of single mothers – or any parents – don’t realize is that the federal government offers disability benefits for children.

Your child may qualify for Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, a program run by the Social Security Administration.

You can use the money to pay for occupational therapy, speech therapy, medical equipment, tutoring or other needs for your child.

But Social Security has thousands of rules for disability benefits. Many people are denied benefits when they first apply. And applying for a child has a different set of requirements than adult disability applications.

At Nash Disability Law, we can determine whether your child qualifies for SSI. You don’t have to pay anything to learn more. We evaluate your family’s situation for free.

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Family financial requirements for childhood SSI

For childhood SSI, the financial situation of the family is taken into account. But something a lot of parents don’t realize is that you can be working a regular job and your family can still get the benefit of childhood SSI. Here are the family financial factors that SSA may assess:

  • Your family is receiving state assistance, food stamps or Medicaid.
  • Your household income is under certain limits determined on a scale set by Social Security. Generally, you can earn up to $36,000 a year as a single parent.
  • In a two-parent household, both parents together can earn up to $44,000.

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    Apply for SSI for Kids in Chicago with help from Nash Disability Law.

    If SSI benefits could help your child, find out if your family meets the financial requirements.

    What medical or other requirements must your child meet?

    In addition to the financial rules, your child must meet the medical qualifications. This is also different from how disability benefits work for adults. These are the main standards that apply for children:

    • Your child must be under 18, or age 18 but have not yet graduated from high school.
    • Your child must have “marked and severe functional limitations,” which means they are unable to function on the same level as other children the same age.
    • Your child’s impairment has lasted or is expected to last at least a year.

    The Social Security Administration also has a special list of medical impairments for children. Some diseases affect children differently than adults. Some diseases only happen to children, such as developmental and growth disorders. Call Nash Disability Law today to talk about your child’s situation.

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    How does Nash Disability Law help your child?

    Winning disability benefits for children requires gathering and submitting certain kinds of evidence. A lot of law firms simply won’t handle childhood SSI cases. But the lawyers at Nash Disability Law have a particular passion for helping children and families. Important evidence in your child’s case may include:

    • Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for special education services from your child’s school.
    • Section 504 plans from your child’s school, which outline special accommodations the school makes for your child’s disability.
    • Medical records on your child’s health condition.
    • Observations from people who see or work with your child daily.

    You may want to consider SSI for your child if he or she is struggling in school. If your child is having a hard time keeping up academically or socially with other children, childhood SSI could well make a big difference for your family.

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