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Chicago man applies for ssi
Team members at Nash Disability Law, like senior intake case manager Sara Eminhizer, left, help you apply for SSI benefits when bad health has kept you from working for a long time.
Chicago man applies for ssi

Get Someone to Guide You through the Supplemental Security Income Application Process

Supplemental Security Income—or SSI—is designed to help you financially when bad health has left you unable to work. If this is true, and your income and resources are limited, you may be eligible for SSI.

SSI could be the answer if you lack enough of what Social Security calls “quarters of coverage.” That refers to how consistently you worked and paid Social Security taxes, with an emphasis on the last 10 years.

If you have significant recent work history, you could qualify for Social Security Disability benefits based on that record.

But if you’ve had to deal with a lot of physical or mental health problems over the years, your work history might be rocky. In that case, you could receive SSI.

At Nash Disability Law, we know hard things happen to good people. You’ve worked hard, but have had a hard time keeping steady work. You might be struggling to put food on the table.

We take time getting to know you when you need help. Unlike some law firms, where you might not even meet a lawyer until right before you have a hearing with a judge, we meet with you face-to-face and help you understand the SSI application process.

We can determine whether SSI is right for you and if you should apply for SSI—or whether should apply for disability benefits of a different kind. Talk to us about your situation. You pay nothing until you win benefits.

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Apply for SSI in Chicago with help from Nash Disability Law.

What you need to qualify for SSI


  • You have limited income.
  • You have limited resources, like property and savings.
  • You’ve applied for any other cash benefits you may be eligible for, such as pensions or Social Security retirement.
  • You’ve filed an SSI application.

Children with disabilities that limit their ability to function like children the same age may also qualify for CHILDHOOD SSI.

For a child to be eligible for SSI, they must be under age 18, or under age 22 if they’re regularly attending school. They must have qualifying impairments. And the family must meet the economic requirements.

At Nash, you can start determining whether you or your family might be able to receive SSI benefits by having us do a FREE CONSULTATION on your situation.

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    Apply for SSI in Chicago with help from Nash Disability Law.

    To apply for SSI benefits, you have to fill out an application for your disability.

    What Counts as an Official Disability on an SSI Application?


    • You have a physical or mental impairment that leaves you unable to sustain work and;
    • Your medical condition is expected to last at least a year.


    But the rules for Social Security Disability benefits require you to prove these conditions are true, not just say it.

    To prove it, you need to gather medical records from your doctor visits and treatment. You may need to collect statements from people who know you about how your health problems affect your life.

    When you apply for disability benefits, the process can involve a lot of legwork. It’s particularly tough when you’re dealing with medical conditions that leave you feeling drained.

    The disability attorneys at Nash Disability Law support you. We take over the legwork of your SSI application, so you can focus on your own well-being.

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    How do I apply for SSI?

    To apply for SSI, you’ll need to fill out SSI application forms from the Social Security Administration.

    Apply as soon as you can. If you wait, you could miss out on benefits.

    Take care to answer questions on the form completely and make sure the information you provide is correct. Making a mistake when you apply for disability benefits can slow down or hurt your claim.

    While it may seem like the Social Security Administration should be able to look at your health condition and easily see that you need Social Security Disability benefits, it almost never works that way.

    MOST PEOPLE GET DENIED WHEN THEY FIRST APPLY. The Social Security Administration has thousands of rules for disability.

    A disability lawyer from Nash Disability Law can help you through the process.

    We’ve helped thousands of our Chicago-area neighbors win benefits.
    And you don’t pay an attorney fee until you win.

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    Apply for SSI in Chicago with help from Nash Disability Law.

    Social Security has thousands of rules, but Nash Disability Law can help you through the process of applying for SSI.

    Should you apply for SSI or SSDI?

    It’s easy to mix up these two kinds of disability benefits. They’re both run by the Social Security Administration.

    Here’s the difference:

    • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) covers people who have a substantial work history and paid enough in Social Security taxes from their paychecks, particularly in recent years.
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) covers people who don’t have the right amount of work under Social Security within the right time, but also have very little assets or income – effectively, no means of survival.

    At Nash Disability Law, we can determine which program is right for you.

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    How does Nash Disability Law help you?

    1. We evaluate your situation to see if you have a case – for free.
    2. We explain the best method for applying based on your circumstances.
    3. We give you advice on what you can do to help get your claim approved.
    4. We make sure you meet all the deadlines, and we don’t let your application get delayed or lost.
    5. We help you explain your case to Social Security in a way that maximizes your benefits.
    6. We identify which medical records are the most important ones for your case.
    7. We help you understand what’s NOT important for your case.
    Chicago woman who applied for SSI

    We know Chicago people. You’re tough and determined. You inspire us every day. That’s why we fight for your independence and dignity.

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