Beth A. Miller

Chicago, IL, Social Security Disability, SSI & Childhood SSI Attorney

Chicago, IL SSI Lawyer Beth A. Miller
Chicago, IL SSI Lawyer Beth A. Miller

Beth Miller

Beth A. Miller is a hearing attorney at Nash Disability Law with more than 25 years of experience advocating for children and adults with disabilities.

Before joining Nash Disability Law, Beth’s work included cases that set new legal precedents for people with disabilities.

In one such case, she represented a client who faced resistance trying to move from a state-operated facility for developmental disabilities to a community setting. Another case helped clarify the Chicago Police Department’s responsibilities to its employees with disabilities.

Beth has also represented people who faced workplace discrimination and harassment, including work she did for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

She joined Nash Disability Law because of the firm’s extensive experience in Social Security cases. She graduated from the University of Iowa and The John Marshall School of Law.