Tom Nash helps couple whose child was denied SSI
Tom Nash helps couple whose child was denied SSI

Tips from Experienced Social Security Attorneys

Social Security Disability benefits can change your life for the better.

The monthly checks and the Medicare eligibility give you a path toward greater stability when you can’t work for health reasons.

But Social Security denies most people who apply. In a recent 10-year period, 79 percent of initial disability applications were denied.

Those are tough odds.

Your best option for beating those odds is avoiding common mistakes people make when they’re trying to get Social Security Disability.

At Nash Disability Law, we’ve been helping people through this long and involved process for more than 40 years. We’ve seen what kinds of mistakes people often make, and we know how to steer clear of them for a better shot at financial relief.

For our top tips on avoiding mistakes in your Social Security Disability application, keep reading below.

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8 Social Security Disability Mistakes People Often Make

It can be easy to make mistakes like the ones on this list, but it’s also easy to avoid them. So make sure you don’t get caught by one of these missteps while you’re applying for disability:

  1. Ignoring your doctor’s orders: Go to your doctor’s appointments and follow your treatment plan, because Social Security will look for records of how you’re handling your medical conditions.
  2. Delaying: It’s best to start your Social Security Disability claim as soon as you know you can’t work, instead of waiting to see if something changes, because letting too much time pass can hurt your application.
  3. Not providing enough details to Social Security: Fill out forms in their entirety and provide a full picture of how your health problems have altered your life.
  4. Providing inaccurate information to Social Security: If something’s exaggerated or inconsistent in your disability application, a disability judge could later notice a problem with your facts and doubt your need for benefits.
  5. Not understanding what kinds of information Social Security wants: Our disability lawyers know what matters for your claim and what doesn’t matter.
  6. Working and earning too much money: Social Security has limits on how much you can work and still qualify for benefits, so if you’re still working and earning a substantial amount, you’ll be declined for disability benefits.
  7. Being uncooperative with Social Security: When Social Security has questions or makes requests of you, keep the process moving by responding courteously.
  8. Giving up too easily: You saw how the rate of denial for disability benefits is high, but you need to know that keeping your claim alive and appealing your denial is often the way to get approved in the end.

If you’re wondering whether you have a strong case for benefits, it’s also a mistake not to seek out more information and understanding.

You can get a review of your situation from our disability law firm team—at no cost to you.

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How Social Security Disability Lawyers Help You Avoid Mistakes

While finding your way through the complicated Social Security Disability application process is new and unfamiliar territory to you, disability lawyers like the lawyers at Nash Disability Law have been through this thousands of times.

Our disability attorneys handle all of this for our clients:

  • Making sure your forms are complete and correct
  • Gathering the right medical records and evidence
  • Presenting other evidence you need, like statements from family and friends
  • Getting everything filed before the relevant deadlines
  • Listening to and understanding your situation so we can best tell your story
  • Keeping you informed about the status of your claim
  • Preparing you to speak to a disability judge in an appeals hearing
  • Representing you in your hearing
  • Questioning vocational or medical experts who testify about you
  • Taking your case to higher levels of appeal if needed

If you really want to avoid mistakes—plus cut the stress of applying for benefits—get a Social Security Disability lawyer to handle your case.

Having an attorney is low-risk for you, because you pay no fee until you win benefits.

When you can’t work, put us to work on getting the financial benefits you need to protect your independence and dignity.

If you were denied – or if you still need to apply for SSI benefits – call us now.

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