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Chicago, IL, Social Security Disability Attorney

Tom Nash

To win a Social Security disability case, it takes a knowledge of law and medicine. To win over a client, who may never have hired a lawyer before, it takes caring. That’s what Nash Disability Law is all about.

“People are often leery of lawyers, so it can take a while to gain someone’s trust,” Tom explains. “The goal is to show you care.”

Tom, along with his wife, Ann Nash, lead a team of 14 lawyers and 35 support professionals. Together the Nash Disability legal team helps people with health problems in Illinois and Indiana win Social Security disability and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits when they can’t work.

Tom Nash started in disability law by working as a staff attorney for a Social Security Administration administrative law judge. In this position, he got an insider’s view of the unusual Social Security legal system, with its unique regulations, players, legal procedures, and even its own judges who rule on disability cases.

Tom also witnessed too many people being denied disability benefits when they couldn’t work due to physical or mental health problems. He decided he wanted to work on the side of people who needed help!

In 1989, he opened his own law firm, using that insider’s perspective of Social Security to help his clients win benefits, helping people apply for benefits or appealing after being denied. “We turn denials into approvals,” Tom says with a smile.

For Tom, being a lawyer is a family thing. He met Ann when he was at the University of Notre Dame, and she was at St. Mary’s next door. They both graduated from Loyola Law School, based in Chicago. His father, Gordon Nash, was a judge in Cook County. He has two brothers who were assistant United States attorneys, both now in private practice. He and Ann have 3 daughters. Tom and Ann Nash understand the importance of family. After 40 years of disability legal practice, it breaks their hearts when they see a family struggling because a family member can no longer work. That’s why they, and the Nash team of attorneys and staff, do everything they can to help their clients win the disability benefits they need.

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