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Tom Nash helps couple whose child was denied SSI
Tom Nash helps couple whose child was denied SSI
Nash Disability Law helps with Chicago SSDI Appeals.

Chicago Social Security Disability Lawyers Fighting for You

When you can’t work because of a disabling condition, you get tired of the toll your disability takes on your day-to-day life.

But there is hope for financial stability in the form of Social Security Disability income.


Get help with Chicago SSDI appeals from Nash Disability Law.

Our Lawyers Are Here To Help You

At Nash Disability Law, we’re focused on getting to know you and your specific needs. We have over three decades of experience winning disability cases like yours.

Our lawyers can build your claim, file appeals, obtain medical records,, and execute the strategy for getting your benefits approved.

Do You Need A Disability Lawyer?

There’s no reason to go it alone. In 2001, 64% of people with lawyers successfully received benefits, while only 40% without lawyers were successful.

Our lawyers are dedicated to your case. We’ll help you with every stage of the process. Call us today.