Back Pain

Learn about qualifying impairments for Social Security Disability from the team at Nash Disability Law.
Dan Rosen of Nash Disability Law knows exactly what evidence on medical impairments will win a Social Security Disability case.

Does Back Pain Qualify for Disability in Chicago, IL?

A back injury can stifle your whole life.

Normal chores become excruciating efforts. Working full-time is unrealistic with this everyday pain.

Just because you can’t work doesn’t mean your bills stop. Your house, your car, your health care—they don’t have any sympathy.

Social Security Disability benefits were meant for people in your situation. The monthly checks can provide the financial security to ease your mind in this tough time.

Winning these benefits, unfortunately, can be difficult.

Most applicants are denied on their first try. The whole process is a confusing, complex web of paperwork and procedures that leaves outsiders baffled.

It’s why you need an experienced disability attorney on your side.

At Nash Disability Law, we take pride in helping our neighbors in Illinois and all over the country win the benefits they need to move forward.

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Specific Types of Back Pain that Can Qualify you for Disability Benefits

In order to prove your case, you’ll need to provide ample evidence of your disability. That means hospital records, doctor’s reports, supporting statements from friends and family and more.

“Back pain,” however, can be a vague term. Social Security doesn’t have an impairments listing just for “back pain,” but it does recognize some back problems, such as:

And even if your issues don’t fit these exact descriptions, you can still qualify. Here’s what you must prove:

  • Your back pain makes working impossible.
  • You’re unable to change to a different line of work.
  • Your health will force you out of work for at least a year or more.

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Don’t Take a Chance on Your Future

We know this can be an overwhelming time.

You’re juggling financial worries with physical pain, which is a combination no one wants to experience.

If your initial application is denied—like so many are—your stress can soar.

That’s why we urge everyone that comes to us to exercise their right to an attorney in this process. The Social Security Administration operates under its own legal system, which features complicated laws and processes at every juncture.

We often see people denied due to simple, avoidable mistakes.

In fact, the government’s own statistics say you’re almost three times as likely to win benefits at an appeals hearing if you have a representative with you.

The compassionate, competent attorneys at Nash Disability Law know the system, and we know how to make your case as strong as possible.

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