How Much Does a Social Security Disability Lawyer Cost in Chicago?

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You need Social Security Disability benefits so you can cover your bills and rest easier when you can’t work for medical reasons. What you don’t need are lots of costs along the way toward getting benefits.

A Social Security Disability lawyer has exactly the right experience to guide you through an overwhelming process. But hiring a lawyer sounds expensive.

Mercifully, disability attorneys get paid in a way that gives you access to their services without draining your bank account.

These are the top three rules guiding how much a Social Security Disability lawyer costs:

  • You never pay a fee for a disability lawyer until you win benefits.
  • The attorney fee comes out of back benefits you’re awarded when your claim is approved.
  • The amount of your back pay your attorney can collect can’t exceed limits set by Social Security.

This means if you don’t receive benefits, your lawyer doesn’t get paid.
They don’t get a retainer to work on your case. They only get paid for winning cases, period.

It also means that when you do win benefits, you don’t pay your lawyer out of your pocket. Social Security will deduct the fee from a lump-sum payment they issue to compensate you for the time you spent waiting on their decision.

It’s all handled in a way that reduces the burden on you when you’re already dealing with enough.

So if you need economic assistance because of serious health impairments, work with Nash Disability Law in Chicago for no up-front cost. We’ve helped thousands of people achieve more secure lives.


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So How Much Does A Social Security Disability Lawyer Get Paid?

Once you’re approved for benefits, you still want to know, “How much does a Social Security Disability lawyer get paid from my back benefits?”

That is also subject to limits set by Social Security rules.

Your back benefits, which could cover months or years that you spent waiting on the system even though you were qualified for benefits all along, could add up to a substantial amount.

You will receive most of this (not your lawyer) upon approval of your benefits.

This is what your lawyer collects:

  • No more than 25% of your back benefits
  • Up to a cash limit set by Social Security
  • Whichever is smaller

The dollar maximum changes over time. In 2024, Social Security announced a new limit of $9,200 for disability attorneys.

So at that level, if 25% of your back pay amounts to less than $9,200, your lawyer fee also will be less. If 25% comes to more than $9,200, then your lawyer fee will stop at $9,200.

The exact amount of your lawyer’s pay depends on the size of your retroactive benefits.

You don’t have to write a check. Social Security will send the fee directly to your lawyer—and send you the bulk of your back pay.

Get started, without spending a penny, by having the skilled disability lawyers at Nash Disability Law do an assessment of your case.

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What You Get for the Cost of a Social Security Disability Lawyer

So you know this:

  • You pay no up-front fee for a disability lawyer.
  • You only pay a fee when you win benefits.
  • Your attorney fee doesn’t come from your bank account or your monthly disability benefits.
  • Your attorney gets paid from your one-time back pay.
  • The amount of your back pay that your lawyer can collect is capped.

But what do you get in exchange for that reduction in your back benefits?

Help filling out the multitude of Social Security forms, so you avoid mistakes. . .

Help collecting medical evidence from your doctors and other documentation you need. . .

If you’re denied benefits, representation to file an appeal and support
if you have a hearing with a disability appeals judge. . .

Maybe most of all, someone to listen and care about your case and needs in a system that can feel uncaring.

Disability lawyers can also improve your chances of being approved for benefits in the first place. One government study found that people who had lawyers with them for their disability hearings were nearly three times more likely to win benefits.

The way the Social Security Disability lawyer fee structure is set up, you don’t have to risk much to get an easier process and a better chance at benefits that can really make a difference in your life.

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