What Does a Social Security Disability Lawyer Do for People in Chicago?

Advantages of Having a Skilled Social Security Disability Lawyer on Your Case

A major health problem is a monster to deal with. You have to rearrange your life and come to terms with what you can’t do anymore. If that includes working, your medical situation adds financial stress to all of your other worries.

Social Security Disability benefits were made for people facing financial hardships because their health has taken a bad turn. It can provide stability to let you focus on managing your condition and living the fullest possible life.

Dealing with Social Security, however, is no walk in the park:

  • You have information about your work and education to gather.
  • You have supporting medical documents to collect.
  • You need arguments connecting your health problems to your ability to work.

Having a Social Security disability lawyer on your side takes away much of the mental stress. You don’t have to have a lawyer to apply for benefits, but one government analysis shows it gives you nearly a 3x better chance at winning benefits after a disability hearing.

At Nash Disability Law, Social Security Disability is all that we do. We know the system. And we know the ins and outs of how to get the benefits for folks in the Chicago area.

In fact…


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How a Disability Lawyer Helps You Win Social Security Benefits

Social Security is wrapped in red tape, but there is a reason. The government is wary of people making bogus claims, so it has thousands of rules for who gets disability benefits.

While that may be a comfort for the average taxpayer, it can be frustrating for folks who legitimately need those benefits to stabilize their lives.

A highly skilled and experienced disability lawyer brings years of legal expertise to your cause. Nash Disability Law has helped thousands of people over multiple decades.

Your disability attorney will know how Social Security views different health problems. They will know the documents you’ll need to prove your case and where to get them.

You can work with a Social Security Disability lawyer at all stages in the process of getting benefits:

  1. If you’re applying for the first time, our lawyers at Nash Disability Law know how to start your claim the right way, so you avoid common mistakes that can hurt your chances. We know what you need, and don’t need, for your claim.

    Applying is complicated, and most people are denied the first time.

    It can be overwhelming to make your case detailed, complete and compelling enough for Social Security. Take that burden off yourself by working with a disability lawyer.
  2. Once you’ve applied or if you’re fighting a denial, our lawyers know appeals. At this stage, the process is different than your initial application. You’ll need to know the law around Social Security Disability benefits, understand where the roadblocks are, and be able to answer Social Security’s reasons for denying you.

    Chicago disability attorneys at Nash can find and fix any errors specific to your case—whether the errors are in your application or in Social Security’s decision. We can argue your claim before a disability judge.

    And this is important: You don’t pay an attorney fee until you win benefits.

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Some Tips for Choosing a Social Security Disability Lawyer

Go with Experience: Pick a lawyer who knows the special kind of law that is Social Security Disability. A lawyer who handles a lot of different cases, or has limited experience dealing with Social Security in particular, may not be the best choice. Plenty of law firms dabble in disability cases, but at Nash Disability Law, Social Security Disability is all that we do.

Go with a Strong Communicator: You want a lawyer who gets back to you quickly, provides the time and attention you deserve, has solid answers to your questions, and keeps you informed on the status of your case and what to expect next. Our team takes pride in treating you with the utmost professionalism and courtesy, so you feel heard as a person, not treated like a statistic.

Go Local: There are plenty of national disability law firms. At Nash Disability Law, you get the advantage of skilled lawyers who are familiar with the local Social Security offices, the disability judges, the health services, and all the other Chicago area resources that may play a role in your case. With us in town, you get a partner who can meet with you in person and be at your side every step of the way.

Now, what CAN’T a disability lawyer do? We can’t force the federal government to behave a certain way. We can’t make them process your case faster or guarantee what they will decide.

We CAN give you confidence that someone capable is handling your claim, so you won’t fall through the cracks of this enormous program.

For our Chicago disability lawyers, it’s our life’s work to see you achieve greater financial stability and a better future.

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