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Get help from the Chicago disability attorneys at Nash Disability Law.
When you live in Chicago, Nash Disability Law treats you like a neighbor, not a number.
Get help from the Chicago disability attorneys at Nash Disability Law.

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You’re a neighbor, not a number

If you live in Chicago and get Nash Disability Law to help with your Social Security Disability case, you’re getting a lawyer with a deep commitment to our community and neighbors.

It’s a real struggle when health problems make it impossible for you to work. We know your case isn’t just about your benefits – it’s about your life.
Your financial stability, your independence and your dignity are at stake. This is personal, so you deserve a lawyer who takes time getting to know you in order to help you win benefits.

At Nash Disability Law, this is our mission.

We started three decades ago when we opened our Chicago office. We located our Palos Hills office right next to the Social Security Administration office.

In all, we’ve helped many thousands of Chicago-area people get benefits.

Hard things happen to good people. But we Chicagoans are tough. We stand up for each other.

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How having a local lawyer helps you

With some out-of-town firms, you’ll only see an advocate on the day you have a hearing with a judge. And sometimes, that person won’t even be a lawyer.

That’s not how we operate. We’ll meet you ahead of time so we can better understand your case – and help you get ready and feel confident.

When you work with a local law firm, you get the advantage of local knowledge.

At Nash Disability Law, we know how the local system works:

  • We know the people, neighborhoods and suburbs of Chicago.
  • We know the local clinics, hospitals, doctors, social service agencies and the people who work in the Social Security offices.
  • We know the job experts and medical experts Social Security pays to testify about you.

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Social Security judges in Chicago

The Social Security Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in the Chicago area oversees appeals for people who live across the city:

  • In early 2017, Chicago administrative law judges were approving benefits about 42 percent of the time.
  • The judges in the Evanston office, who include North Chicago neighborhoods in their area, approved benefits 52 percent of the time.
  • The Illinois state approval rate was 44 percent.
  • Nationwide, it was 45 percent.

It should be simple to apply for Social Security Disability benefits, but it takes a lot of work and patience. It can take 17 months to get a hearing with a judge, whether you live in Illinois or anywhere else in the country.

When so many people are getting turned down, it makes sense to get a professional to help with your application or appeal.
Statistics from the Social Security Administration have shown your chances of winning Social Security Disability benefits are better when you have a lawyer.

You don’t pay any fee unless you win. If you live in the Chicago area and need Social Security Disability benefits, contact us today.

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