Social Security Disability for Osteoarthritis: A Visual Guide

Osteoarthritis can turn the simplest tasks into difficult ordeals. Stiffness and pain in your joints make sitting hard and standing even harder. You could even need surgery. All these factors can make working impossible, which makes winning Social Security Benefits important. But it’s tough winning these benefits. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in the world, but because it’s so common, some people might think you should be able to work around it. You must prove your case of osteoarthritis is so severe that you can’t work for a full year—then you can win Social Security Disability income. At Nash Disability Law, our disability attorneys will help you navigate the complex Social Security system and get you the money you need to keep a measure of independence in your life. We’ve helped more Chicago area people get benefits than any other law firm. See the graphic below to learn how you can win the benefits you deserve: