How to Fill Out the Social Security Disability Report – Appeal

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Living with debilitating health problems is hard enough. When you also don’t know how you’re going to pay your bills because you have to stop working, everything becomes that much harder.

With Social Security Disability benefits you could focus on your health and know that every month, you’ll get a check to cover basic expenses. The only problem is that benefits are notoriously difficult to get.

Most people are initially denied the first time they apply. If this happened to you, you’re next step is appealing the decision. And now you have to fill out the complicated Form SSA-3441, also known as the Social Security Disability Report – Appeal.

You don’t want to get denied again, so how do you fill out the form correctly to have a better chance of receiving benefits?

Don’t worry: the experienced disability attorneys at Nash Disability Law, we work with these forms every single day, and they can guide you on exactly what to do.

They’ll explain the forms and how to complete them properly. Our disability lawyers know what needs to go on the forms, and what you can omit.

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    Providing the Information You Need for Social Security Disability Form SSA-3441

    The first thing you should know about filling out your Social Security Disability Report – Appeal is that you only have 60 days to start your appeal once you are denied.

    Do not wait to file your form, because the Social Security Administration (SSA) could reject it, and then you’ll have to start the application process all over again.

    You can fill out the form online or send a physical form in the mail.

    You’re going to need to include updated information on the medical treatment you’ve received since the date when you turned in your initial application to the SSA.

    Here is the kind of information you’ll need to include:

    • New physical or mental health issues you are going through
    • Details outlining changes in your health since you first applied
    • Update on medical tests you have undergone
    • Other new medical records detailing your health condition
    • Where you have gone for treatments
    • What doctors you’ve seen
    • Your recent list of medications
    • If you have worked or received new training since you initially filed for benefits
    • How your daily activities have changed

    It’s important to be able to access your medical records. If you need help gathering them, the Social Security Disability attorneys at Nash Disability Law can step in and make the process easier.

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    Filling out SSD Forms

    How to Fill Out Form SSA-3441, Social Security Disability Report – Appeal

    When filling out your form, don’t leave anything blank. That could delay your appeal.

    Instead, if a question doesn’t apply to you, simply write “Not applicable” or “I do not know.” But everywhere else that you can, provide answers that are complete and correct. Don’t exaggerate your health problems. But don’t downplay them either.

    You’ll need to note the deadline for turning in the form, and aim to complete the form with ample time to spare so you can correct any problems.

    Nash Disability Law attorneys know how to fill out all the Social Security Disability forms for the best chance possible of getting approved for benefits.

    We can also prepare you to testify if you have a hearing with an administrative law judge and present your case to the judge.

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