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Social Security Disability Benefits for Those Living with Autism

April 27, 2016

April was Autism Awareness Month. With the increase in awareness of autism and autism spectrum disorders, many are surprised to know that doctors first put a name to the condition nearly 75 years ago. At this time, psychologist Leo Kanner first observed the condition in 11 children noting two central characteristics – the desire towards

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Rules on Spending for Children with Disabilities Create Turmoil

November 19, 2015

Insight from Nash Attorney Amy Altbach It’s a call we get all too often at Nash Disability Law. A parent – usually a mom – is confused and upset after meeting with a Social Security Administration (SSA) employee. The parent is calling because they‘ve left the meeting with the impression that they cannot spend –

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Top 5 Tips For Protecting Your Child’s Rights

September 1, 2015

Throughout Chicagoland families are transitioning from summer vacation mode to back to school. Typically, this means shopping for new clothes, backpacks, school supplies and getting used to getting up early again, but for families of kids with special needs it also means preparing to negotiate with the school yet again. Terms like IEP, 504, “appropriate

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Childhood SSI Benefits

May 26, 2015

Children with learning disabilities may qualify, but benefits are hard to win. Your child has been identified as falling behind in school. Perhaps, your child is scoring below expected grade level on standardized achievement testing. Your child is in second grade and only reading at the kindergarten level. Or maybe your child is exhibiting symptoms

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