Americans Struggle as Disability Backlog Gets Worse

October 24, 2016

Insight from Tom Nash If you are waiting for a ruling on a Social Security disability claim, you’ll have to get in line—a very, very long line.  The current estimate of the backlog of Social Security disability claims at the hearing level appears to be the highest ever, with nearly 1.1 million cases and an

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A Dirty Social Security Disability Secret

June 3, 2016

Insight from Tom Nash Claimants in the Social Security Disability process have seen both themselves and their treating health professionals become overwhelmed with the paperwork sent by SSA. While pesky, our advice is to just tell the truth regarding the information requested on the “activities of daily living” (Function Report) and other forms. Please understand

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Don’t Demolish Your Social Security Disability Case

December 14, 2015

Pursuing your Social Security disability claim will be a slow, complicated, and sometimes frustrating process. A misstep on your part can destroy your case and result in the denial of benefits, even though they are benefits that you have rightfully earned. The right communication with your lawyer at the right time can mean the difference

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ALJ Shortcuts Put Social Security Disability Applicants on a Fast Track to Denial

August 9, 2013

Often times disability applicants are denied because a judge draws concrete conclusions from personally held presumptions. Sometimes it’s that the applicant’s treatment was only “conservative” or “routine” or “inconsistent with what would be expected if the claimant truly had a disabling condition.” Sometimes the judge has seized upon a good faith report from the applicant that

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