Learn about how courts manage Social Security Disability claims in these posts from the disability lawyers at Nash Disability Law.

A Winning Formula: Sharp SSA Personnel, Advocacy, and Relationships

June 30, 2016

Nearly every day at Nash Disability Law, we hear this from our clients: “I am so grateful for Social Security disability. If I didn’t get disability benefits, I don’t know what I would do.” SSDI and SSI payments—although modest—are crucial lifelines for many American families. Because the road to benefits is typically long and difficult

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United States District Court Sides with Nash and NDL Client v SSA

March 10, 2015

We think that whether you are a social worker, a referring attorney, an SSA insider, a potential Nash Disability Law client, or a current or past client, you may find it instructive about how the SSA system works and how we at Nash Disability Law fight for our clients. Consider the case of NDL client

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