Disability Appeals

Chicago Lawyers For Social Security Disability Appeals

When you can’t work because of a disabling condition, you’re tired. You’re tired of trips to the doctor. You’re tired of endless paperwork from insurance. And you’re tired of the daily toll your disability takes on your day-to-day life. And then you receive notice that your application was denied. You might feel like giving up. But there is hope.

We Work With You To Appeal Your Denial

At Nash Disability Law, we’re focused on getting to know you and your specific needs. Our team of lawyers has the experience of over three decades and thousands of cases to help you appeal your denial and get the benefits you need and deserve.

The Social Security Disability Appeals Process

When you’re denied for Social Security Disability benefits, you’ll find yet another round of agencies and forms for you to deal with. There’s no reason for you to go it alone. Our lawyers know the system at both the local and federal levels, and they’ll get the right piece of evidence, at the right time, to the right person, in the right way to successfully appeal your denied claim.

Our lawyers will guide you through the each stage of the disability appeals process:

  1. Reconsideration

    Your first step for appealing a denial is a Reconsideration Request.

    We’ll get your case re-reviewed by a different “adjudicator” who works for the SSA.

    However, around 85% of all reconsideration claims are denied. But we won’t give up.
  2. Administrative Hearing

    If you’re denied again, you can appeal to an Administrative Hearing with an ALJ.

    This is your first chance to meet face-to-face with someone who can approve your claim.

    Our lawyers will help you have your evidence well-prepared and well-presented.
  3. Appeals Council Review

    If the ALJ unfairly denies your claim, you can file a “Request for Review.”

    This review will be to argue that ALJ made an error of law when they decided your child’s case.

    We will help you be fairly heard by the Social Security Administration.
  4. Federal Court

    Finally, you can file a civil suit in Federal district court.

    The court may decide your case there or they might send the case back to the ALJs.

    Your attorney will file all the needed paperwork and represent you against the SSA.


Thank you so much for all you and the staff have done for me. It meant a lot to me every time I called and whoever I talked to knew all about my case. It was wonderful that I didn’t get pushed from one person to another. Your staff was always happy; they acted like they personally know me. But most of all I can’t believe how fast you had my case done. You and your staff really put a smile on my face. Thank you for doing what I couldn’t get done. Everyone will know Tom Nash!

- Shawn
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