How to Fill Out the SSA Function Report When You Apply for Disability

Do You Need Help with the SSA Adult Function Report in Chicago, IL?

Social Security Disability benefits provide great relief when you can’t work because of major health problems. They give you income so you can stay afloat as you focus on your health.

Standing between you and these benefits, however, are long, complicated forms you must fill out, in which you provide large amounts of information on how your health affects your life.

One of the main forms is called “The Function Report – Adult (Form SSA-3373).”

This is where you explain the limitations your medical conditions place on your daily activities.

You’ll fill out this form when you apply for disability benefits, or appeal a denial.

If you’re not sure what to say or how to say it on the SSA function report, you can turn to someone who knows what to do—the disability lawyers at Nash Disability Law in Chicago.

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    What Information Do You Need for the SSA Function Report?

    This form asks you to go into great detail about your everyday life.

    Social Security wants to know what you do during all waking hours. That includes personal grooming, what common movements you can and can’t perform, whether you use any physical aids and much more.

    This is a sample of what you’ll need to explain on the SSA function report:

    • How your health problems hinder your ability to work
    • How you spend your days
    • Whether you take care of any family members
    • Whether you take care of any pets
    • How your medical conditions affect your sleep
    • How you take care of your hygiene, grooming and other personal care
    • Whether you can prepare meals
    • Whether you can complete housework
    • How well you get around
    • Whether you can go shopping
    • How well you’re able to manage money
    • If you have any hobbies or interests
    • If you participate in any social activities
    • What you can do physically—such as lifting, bending, walking, climbing stairs and more
    • How well you can focus and follow instructions
    • How you get along with other people
    • How you handle stress

    It’s a lot of information. Some of the details may seem small and unimportant. Others may seem highly personal.

    Your Social Security Disability lawyer can go over your routines with you and help you remember the details, understand what information you need to include—and understand what information isn’t necessary for a successful disability application.

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    Filling out SSD Functions Report

    Tips for Filling out the SSA Adult Function Report

    It can be difficult to truly picture how detailed you need to be on the SSA 3373 function report. Glossing over fine points about your day-to-day life is one of the most common mistakes you can make in your Social Security Disability application or appeal.

    Follow these tips for filling out Function Report Adult (Form SSA-3373):

    • Take your time filling out this form. It’s a lot, but if you’re getting inpatient and rushing, that could hurt your claim.
    • Provide fine details on how your health affects your daily routine.
    • Break down exactly how long it takes for you to complete simple tasks, and why.
    • Don’t leave out how you needed help completing a task.
    • Think about and describe whether and how tired you were after you completed a task.
    • Be as precise with the facts as you can. If you say something in another place that doesn’t match up, it could put your chances of approval at risk.
    • Don’t forget to talk not just about your medical condition itself, but also about side effects of medication and treatment.
    • The form includes a “remarks” section at the end. Use that section to add details you can’t fit under the main questions.
    • Get your answers organized by writing them down on another paper first.

    It could be difficult for you to imagine what impression your answers will make on a Social Security Disability claims examiner, or an administrative law judge when you’re appealing a denial of benefits.

    But the disability attorneys at Nash Disability Law have helped thousands of Chicago area people win benefits. We know what Social Security is looking for and how to make sure your answers satisfy that.

    So one of the best tips we can give is to work with an experienced disability lawyer.

    We can answer your questions about the process. We can provide support as you fill out forms, and lighten the work you must put into building your disability claim.

    You pay no attorney fee until you win benefits.

    Getting financial support when you can’t work because of serious health problems is one of the best ways to improve your daily life.

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