Social Security Administration

Beware of Scammers Posing as Social Security Investigators

February 12, 2019

Reports from several cities across the country are raising alarms about con artists. These thieves are calling disability recipients and claiming that their accounts have been hacked and their benefits and Social Security numbers have been frozen. The swindlers falsely claim they work for the Office of the Inspector General of the Social Security Administration.

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Social Security Checks will be a Little Larger in 2019, But it may not be much help.

November 15, 2018

If you receive Social Security old age or disability benefits, your monthly checks will be larger beginning in December. The 2019 Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) will result in a 2.8 percent increase, the largest increase since 2012. Last year’s increase was 2 percent and was 2 percent combined for the previous two years. The average Social

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Social Security Adds Five Impairments to its Compassionate Allowances Program

October 9, 2018

The Deputy Commissioner of Operations for Social Security (SSA), Nancy Berryhill, recently announced that the agency is adding five conditions to its Compassionate Allowances (CAL) program. The Compassionate Allowances program provides for fast-track disability consideration for people with certain serious and/or life-threatening medical conditions. The objective under CAL is that Americans with certain severe medical

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Congress Wants to Improve Service at Social Security

August 16, 2018

The wait for a Social Security disability decision has been excessively long for some time, but recently it has hit an all-time high. Data for the current fiscal year shows that applicants with cases at the Chicago hearing office wait, on average, 573 days from the time they request a hearing until a decision is

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