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Are You Eligible for SSDI Benefits in Aurora?

The economy in Aurora has changed, expanding from heavy industry and transportation to construction, agriculture, health care, education and more.

If you live in Aurora or the Fox River Valley and a physical or mental condition has forced you to leave the workforce, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed with the sheer number of problems to solve:

  • How am I going to make my rent or mortgage payments?
  • Will we need to rely on food pantries for groceries?
  • What if my kids need something for school?
  • How can I afford to keep seeing my doctors and paying for treatments without insurance from my job?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) could help. With a monthly benefits check, you’d be able to get back on more stable financial ground, and with the Medicare coverage you can get through SSDI, you’ll be able to focus on your health.

Nash Disability Law helps people across Chicagoland get these life-changing benefits. We love Aurora, its historic setting and all 200,000 residents.

And we’ve helped more Chicago area people get benefits than any other law firm.

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SSDI Eligibility

Social Security has the same SSDI eligibility criteria for residents of Illinois that it has for those living in any other state.

If your condition is severe enough to prevent you from doing your job or any other job for at least 12 months, Social Security may award you disability benefits.

But applying for benefits can be tricky. You’ve probably filled out applications for various things during your life, perhaps for your driver’s license, a job, a lease or mortgage, or a fishing license. Why would applying for SSDI be any more difficult?

This is what happens:

1. It’s detailed and involved. Social Security has scores of rules, requirements and deadlines you’ll need to stay on top of.

2. You’re new at this. This isn’t a routine thing that everybody has to apply for. You’ve probably never been through this process before.

3. You can’t overlook anything. You’ll need to submit very specific types of documentation to support your disability claim and answer every question on the application to the government’s satisfaction. If you miss even one thing, it can delay your claim or cause your benefits to be denied.

4. Most initial applications are denied. In Illinois recently, Social Security judges have been approving only about 40 percent of cases that reach them.

5. It’s complicated and time-consuming to appeal. If your claim was denied like most people, you have the chance to appeal Social Security’s decision. If you haven’t already enlisted the aid of an experienced disability attorney, now is the time.

You pay no fee for a disability lawyer until you win benefits. And you’ll pay nothing to have an initial conversation with us about your claim for benefits.

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How Having a Local Lawyer Helps You

At Nash Disability Law, we know how the local system works because we’ve been helping our neighbors in Aurora and throughout the Chicago area for more than 30 years:

  • We know the people, neighborhoods and types of jobs in Aurora.
  • We know local clinics, hospitals, social service agencies and the people who work in local Social Security offices.
  • We’re familiar with the job experts and medical experts Social Security may pay to testify about whether you should get benefits.

At Nash Disability Law, helping you win the disability benefits you deserve is our mission.

With offices in Palos Hills and the Loop, we’ve helped thousands of people get benefits.

We know hard times sometimes hit good people. And that Chicagoans stand up for each other.

After health problems stop you from working, we want to help you move forward with your life.

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