Free App Helps Those with Epilepsy

May 11, 2016

To improve your chance of being approved for Social Security Disability benefits, you should keep a log of your medical information for your healthcare providers. This can be very helpful to you when you fill out Social Security forms, and as evidence of your disability in an appeal hearing. (See this month’s article “4 Mistakes that Can Destroy Your Social Security Disability Case And How to Avoid Them.”) This can be especially difficult for those living with chronic conditions with frequent episodes like individuals suffering from epilepsy.

The Epilepsy Foundation has created a free app, “My Seizure Diary,” which can be used on a computer, iPhone or Android device. If you or a loved one is living with epilepsy, this program will allow you to record frequency, severity and triggers of your seizures. This resource will be invaluable not only for your personal health but also for your Social Security Disability claim. The app is available at http:\\