Getting the Most Out of Workers’ Compensation and Disability Benefits

December 11, 2013

If you were injured on the job in Chicago, you may be receiving Workers’ Compensation (WC). But did you know if your injury is expected to keep you from working for at least a year, you may also be eligible to get Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits?

At Nash Disability Law, our experienced disability attorneys and paralegals can help you with all the confusing Worker’s Compensation and Social Security Disability law. They can also help you understand other rules you may not know including:

(1)          The definition of disability under SSD rules and how statements and medical evidence in your WC claim can be confusing;

(2)          If your SSD benefits may reduce or impact the amount of WC you receive;

(3)          What your WC attorney needs to know to make sure you get the most out of your WC benefits;

(4)          How to talk to your doctors about your symptoms;

(5)          What symptoms your doctors should know about to make sure you have the best medical evidence to present in your SSD claim;         

(6)          What WC documentation the Social Security Administration (SSA) requires to process your payment on your SSD claim. 

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