How Do I Send Important Documents to My Lawyer?

July 6, 2021

Benjamin Franklin famously said that “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” He could have added that if you are dealing with the government (like applying for Social Security Disability benefits), you can be certain there will be times when you need to send documents to your Nash Disability Law attorney.

What is the best way to send important documents to us? Nash Attorney Dan Rosen says, “The mail can take too long and is unreliable, and fax is okay, but some places like currency exchanges charge over a dollar a page to fax, which is ridiculous. Clients can scan and email documents to us, but many don’t have a scanner. Oftentimes, they take a picture, but we have trouble sending that to their Social Security Administration file, or it’s blurry.”

Rosen continues, “The good news is that clients can use their iPhone or Android phone as a scanner and send documents to us as a PDF for free.” The process is quite simple. For iPhone users, just follow the instructions at this link. You can even add pages so you don’t have to send them a page at a time. For Android users the Google Drive app (which is probably already installed on your phone) will do the same thing. Just follow the instructions at this link.

Once you are finished scanning, you can either email them to us at, or upload them to us at: