Meet Beth Miller

May 1, 2019

A spotlight on a professional team member who works for you at Nash Disability Law

If your grandfather was on the Chicago Bears football team in the 1930s, then perhaps it is just destiny that you will become a sports fanatic with a powerful motivation to win. Beth Miller, a hearings attorney at Nash Disability Law, will tell you that her family is sports-driven. “We are a sports family. We love to participate in and watch all sports. (I especially love the Tour De France.) My kids—girls that are 21 and 23—are soccer players and my husband is a runner.”

“In my free time, I am a cyclist and ride with a group and compete a few times a year in cycling road races. From about May to October I try to ride about 250 miles per week. It’s a great way to meet people and to keep myself healthy so that I can focus on my work.”

Beth brings that same intensity to her work on behalf of Nash clients. “I am passionate about using my career to help others. Throughout most of my career as an attorney, I have represented individuals whom have experienced discrimination and/or disadvantages in their lives. I have worked for not-for-profit organizations providing free legal services to individuals with disabilities; for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission representing individuals whom have experienced discrimination in the workplace; and have worked for private law firms representing disabled individuals in employment, guardianship and other civil rights issues.”

Ms. Miller is responsible for ensuring that each of her clients has the best possible representation of their disability claim to the Social Security Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who will decide their case. “I review their claim from the time it is assigned to an ALJ to determine what information is still needed which would improve their chances of winning their claim. I meet with my client prior to the hearing to get to know them well and to prepare them for their hearing. I advocate for them at the hearing and then follow up on their claim after the ALJ renders a decision. I am so fortunate to have a happy and healthy family. I want all of my clients to have happiness in their lives.”

Winning Social Security disability benefits can be a long and difficult process, but Beth is up to the challenge every day. Her philosophy on life is that “challenges are what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”