Meet Cammie Smith

December 3, 2018

A spotlight on one of the professional team members who work for you at Nash Disability Law.

Cammie Smith likes to help people. Let’s start with that.

As a Case Manager, Cammie is a vital link between Nash Disability Law clients, medical providers, and the Social Security Administration. She keeps clients up-to-date on the status of their claims, sends Social Security the information it needs about the firm’s disability cases, and provides critical information to the Nash attorneys so they can successfully advocate for our clients. In the four months since Cammie started at NDL, she has come to love her job and our clients. “I just like the fact that I’m helping someone get something they really need,” she will tell you. “I’m really passionate about correcting injustices.”

Being a champion for others is just a part of her nature. “I really care about the mentally ill. So, I’m working on becoming a volunteer of a mental health facility,” Ms. Smith says. But that is not all the multi-faceted Cammie has going. “I am learning to speak French,” she says with a 1000-watt smile.

Her free-time activities are just as diverse. “I am also passionate about the whole art of television and movies. I love to watch a lot of TV and movies. If you need a good movie or TV show to watch”, she offers, “just ask me. I’ve got a list of good things to watch. Just tell me what you like.” She also counts reading and learning how to do anything new among her top choices of things she likes to do in her leisure time. And, oh yes, there is football. “Go Broncos!” she cheers.

When you visit our office, say “Hi” to Cammie, or better yet say “Bonjour,” and ask for a movie or TV show recommendation. We promise you won’t be disappointed.