Meet Demetra Geller

January 9, 2017

For Nash Intake Attorney Demetra Geller, the experiences that would shape her career and her outlook on life came early. “I have always enjoyed helping people understand how to help themselves, starting from a young age, when I would volunteer as a peer tutor in high school,” she explains. “I sought a client-focused law practice and I feel very fortunate to have found the opportunity to work with the good people at Nash Disability Law.”

Typically, Demetra is the first point of contact for those who are disabled and need the expertise of our law firm. On the phone or in-person, she helps individuals with their disability claims, whether they have been denied, are filing for the first time, or are still working and questioning whether they may qualify in the future. “Many individuals have questions about the process,” she says. “In large part, I explain the SSDI/SSI claim process, how a lawyer can help, and why our law firm might be the best fit.”

During her eight years with the firm, Demetra’s empathetic professionalism has earned her the admiring respect of her co-workers. Nash Attorney Dan Rosen says of Demetra: “[She] always gives advice to prospective clients in a compassionate way. She understands that every caller is a person with a problem and a story. She takes the time to listen and give them sound advice.”

Tom Nash observes, “Demetra’s years of experience and thousands of interactions have yielded for her a great sense of people, especially first-time callers. She helps people understand when an in-person office visit helps each side, attorney and client, get a better understanding of each other, and how our exclusive focus of representing individuals in the Chicagoland Metropolitan area affords our clients the convenience and ability to meet with a lawyer at one of our three locations.”

Demetra is passionate about her work. “I enjoy the interaction with our clients. It is humbling to be entrusted with helping our clients obtain a benefit that is quite often their only source of income. I take this responsibility very seriously and, in turn, I enjoy the opportunity to provide a sense of clarity and hope in what is often a very dark and confusing time.” In addition to personal contact, she also narrates information-packed videos available free online. Check out: Why You May Need a Lawyer and The Advantages of a Local Firm.

Born and raised in Merrillville, Indiana, a large town just south of Gary, Indiana, she comes from an area populated by hard-working, strong, family-oriented people. “I am proud of my roots and of having returned to Northwest Indiana to raise my own family.”

Family is close to Demetra’s heart. “I enjoy quality time with my small family (husband, three children, and a dog), and my large extended family,” Demetra says. “I have 26 first cousins from my father’s Greek immigrant family, and a much smaller, but equally vibrant, American family (roots in Missouri) on my mother’s side. We are all very close and raise our children together.”