Meet Sara Eminhizer of Nash Disability Law

January 4, 2024

A spotlight on a professional team member who works for you at Nash Disability Law

“People will forget what you did, people will forget what you said, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

That quote from Maya Angelou is one that Sara Eminhizer keeps close to her heart. It resonates throughout her work and personal lives.

As a paralegal hearing coordinator and medical records supervisor at Nash Disability Law, Sara will tell you that “no one wants to file for disability benefits. It is a very difficult decision to come to, and I want to help our clients understand that our office is here for them during this difficult time, while also explaining what is necessary for them to get their case approved. An important part of my job is to alleviate our clients’ worries and to help them understand the process.”

Sara is a 19-year veteran at Nash Disability Law and wears many hats, strengthening our team of disability lawyers by overseeing hearing case managers, obtaining client medical records, and working closely with the disability attorneys to build the strongest possible case for each client when they are denied for disability benefits.

She coordinates scheduling with the Social Security hearing office and oversees communication with clients to fully develop each client’s files for their upcoming hearings. If you need to appeal your claim after a judge denies you at the hearing level, Sara helps with filing a “Request for Review” to the next group that looks at your case—the Social Security Appeals Council.

Sara’s life outside of the office is jam-packed as well.

“I am a mom to a nine-year-old daughter, so that involves extracurricular activities for her—tap, cheer, and volleyball,” she explains. “I am very family-oriented. I am the oldest of six kids and I spend as much time as I can with my immediate family as well as extended family.”

“As a South Side Chicago native who loves the Chicago White Sox, I try to foster a passion for sports with nieces and nephews. Because I greatly care about the environment, particularly recycling, I work at creating a good example for them. And when I am not doing all those things, I love to bake, knit, and play viola,” she says with a smile.

Sara squeezes in time to support the Chicago Food Bank, the Girl Scouts, and to serve on the board of directors for Southside Smoke (a girls’ softball organization.)

With this flurry of work, family and activities, Sara Eminhizer lives up to Maya Angelou’s quote: people will remember not just what she does, but the warm and supported way she makes them feel.