Meet Spanish-speaking paralegal Cristal Garcia

August 7, 2018

A spotlight on a professional team member who works for you at Nash Disability Law

A lot of law firms talk about speaking Spanish within the office, but they don’t have an attorney that is a native Spanish-speaker. At Nash, we have several Spanish-speaking staff, and a Spanish speaking lawyer (see what former client Alice S. wrote about Attorney Lawrence Mabes). Critical to Lawrence’s job is the help that a Spanish-speaking paralegal delivers.

Anyone who has dealt with Social Security disability will tell you that it is governed by regulations and processes that are complicated and often difficult to understand. Now imagine how difficult it is to navigate your way through a disability claim if English is not your first language. Thankfully, for Nash Disability Law clients whose first language is Spanish, Cristal Garcia is bi-lingual and there for them. For more than three years she has worked at our firm as an Intake Paralegal helping both English and Spanish speaking individuals. Every day she consults with disability applicants who are calling in for the first time seeking an attorney who will fight for their rights. Her primary job is to be sure their cases are organized and ready for presenting to the Social Security Administration. “I like helping our clients understand what’s going on with their cases,” she says. “We understand the process can get overwhelming as well as the language of Social Security can be a bit confusing.”

In her free time, Cristal loves to read and to explore new places. “I prefer places where it can get you connected with nature,” she says. Cristal also supports organizations which help animals and children in need. “I always say children are our future so we should try to help them accomplish their dreams. For animals, I’m a big animal lover given the fact that I myself have two fur babies.”

Cristal will tell you that her life philosophy can be summed up with this quote: ” ‘Hay más tiempo que vida’, which basically translates as life is too short. You need to make the most out of life that you can right now because time will continue on no matter what.”