You Have Questions. We Have Answers.

June 14, 2021

Because the path to winning Social Security Disability benefits can be confusing and difficult to navigate, it is completely understandable that you will have many questions about the process. One of the ways the attorneys at Nash Disability Law help Chicagoans win their disability cases is to regularly answer common disability benefits questions with our “Question of the Month” blog.

Here are the links to just ten of the many of the “Question of the Month” blog articles on commonly asked questions:

Will Social Security Disability Benefits Replace My Work Income?

If I am Denied Social Security Disability Benefits, What Are My Options?

Should I Tell My Doctor I Am Filing for Disability?

My Doctor Won’t Write Anything to Support My Disability Case. What Should I Do?

What Does It Cost To Hire a Social Security Disability Attorney?

If I am Found Disabled, Do I Qualify for Medicare?

Can Your Living Arrangements Affect the Amount of Your Disability Benefit?

Can I Take Early Retirement While My Social Security Disability Claim is Pending?

What Does the Vocational Expert Do at My Disability Hearing?

Can You Qualify for SSDI and SSI Benefits at the Same Time?

You can find many more answers to your questions and valuable information on the Nash Disability Law website. And if you are disabled, can’t work, and are considering filing for Social Security Disability benefits or if you have been turned down for benefits, contact us at Nash Disability Law for a free evaluation of your case. You are not alone. As Tom Nash says, “Don’t get lost in the system. Get the money you’re entitled to.” We know that it is not just about your benefits, it is about your life.