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Slam the Scam (and Protect Your Social Security Benefits)

March 6, 2023

Scammers try to leverage two basic emotions to con innocent victims like you and me: greed and fear. Greed is at the heart of “get rich quick” schemes and “you’ve won a lottery or sweepstakes” scams. But in what may be an even crueler scam, a con artist exploits you with fear. An all-too-common fear

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Disability Law is All We Do

January 4, 2023

Commentary by Tom Nash Some law firms dabble in many different things. But at Nash Disability Law, helping people win Social Security Disability benefits is all we do. I began my legal career as a staff attorney for a Social Security Administration administrative law judge. In this position, I got an insider’s view of the

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Changing with the Times: Social Security Adopts Gender Self-Attestation Policy

January 3, 2023

Gender identity is at the very core of how we see ourselves, and acceptance of gender self-attesting is growing. Now, under new guidelines, the Social Security Administration (SSA) is changing with the times. All individuals will now be allowed to self-attest to their gender, to make sure that their records with the SSA align with

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Job Losses Can Help Prove Your Social Security Disability Case: Insight from Tom Nash

January 1, 2023

Here’s an insider tip about disability compensation that very few people know: information about job losses can be like gold for disability benefits applicants. Why? If your employment is terminated—maybe even on more than one occasion—because a mental or physical impairment makes it impossible to meet your employer’s requirements for your position—it supports your argument

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