The Advantages of a Local Disability Lawyer

November 25, 2014

If you’re disabled, do you need a local disability lawyer to represent you? The answer is clearly yes.

Today, firms located across the country can advertise to represent you in your area. But are they offering the same service as a local firm? Are they a law firm? Will a lawyer represent you? Do they know the judges that will decide your claim? Can you meet your lawyer in person? Can you drop off your medical records and have someone review them with you in person?  Does your lawyer have knowledge of the local job market and whether there is truly available work for you based on your limitations?

In making the important decision as to who will represent you in filing a disability claim in Illinois, it might be useful to think about these questions. But it’s also an important decision to decide who is treating you for your medical condition, whether bipolar disorder or arthritis in your knees.

While you may be limited by your insurance, County Care, or a medical card, think about whether you would you hire a doctor located in California. Someone you would never meet but would look at you and speak with you by phone.  Would they be able to tell the severity of your impairment without meeting you face to face? And while you may see a Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner occasionally as part of managing your care, would you knowingly only attend a practice that did not have a Medical Doctor?

Unfortunately, many people fall trap to advertisements from law firms or even agencies (non-law firms) that are across the country from them. It is easy to fall into this trap. When you are denied Disability benefits in Illinois, it is devastating.  You want a quick answer to your question about whether you qualify, and it makes you feel better when someone tells you that they can help you obtain Social Security Disability benefits.  It is important, however, to slow down and weigh your options. 

Today, I met with a life-long resident and worker from Chicago who expressed regret that he didn’t weigh his options more carefully, and have a lawyer analyze the legal issues in his claim.  He was clearly disabled, but what this deserving gentleman and his non-attorney representative didn’t understand is that because he never paid into Social Security while working, but instead a private pension, he wasn’t eligible for any cash benefit from SSA – disabled or not.

He had been on a wild-goose chase for two years, and in the end, all he would likely end up with would be a piece of paper to confirm he’s disabled.  As a Chicago law firm, our experience told us that his local employer did not withhold Social Security taxes, and we were able to properly advise him.

In the end, you have to ask yourself when you are filing for Social Security Disability benefits in Illinois, do I place a value on meeting with my attorney face to face? Do I place a value on an attorney knowing the local judges? And if the fee is the same, why wouldn’t you want the advantage of local counsel?

Call Nash Disability Law today to learn how to obtain Social Security Disability benefits for your specific situation.  While we also offer telephone consultations for those who are unable to travel to our conveniently located downtown Chicago and suburban Palos Hills offices, it is our pleasure to offer a free and courteous review of your situation.