When should I consult with an attorney about my Social Security claim?

April 3, 2014

It is all too often that clients call our office after they have been denied by a judge and say “ I wish I called you sooner.”  Do not make this mistake! At Nash Disability Law, we are happy to consult with you at any point during your application to discuss possible representation.  We are local attorneys who can listen to your personal situation and give you our honest opinion based on our experience.

Having a lawyer working on your claim will increase the odds of your claim being fully developed and prepared for a judge.  Because the application process is a long one, it is important to have an attorney not only gathering information from your medical providers but also gathering information about you.  Each claimant is different and at Nash Disability Law, we strive to get to know you and your situation in order to best present your case favorably to a judge.

Even if you have not applied yet for the disability benefits, we are happy to speak with you about the application process. Furthermore, we represent individuals at various stages of appeal. Therefore, it is never too soon to contact our office at 312-443-0900.