August Question of the Month

August 2, 2016

Can I still receive SSD benefits if I receive other benefits from another source?

Generally, you can still receive the Social Security Disability Insurance Benefit (DIB) based on your individual wage record if you receive other benefits, such as service-connected Veterans’ benefits or a union pension. However, there are exceptions. For example, if you receive Workers’ Compensation benefits or a pension from a job in which you did not pay Social Security (FICA) taxes, your DIB may be reduced or eliminated. In addition, your DIB benefits may reduce other benefits you receive, such as long-term disability benefits from an employer.

On the other hand, the need-based Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability benefit can be reduced by any other benefits that you receive. However, there are often exceptions for benefits such as public aid and LINK.

In the end, how other benefits affect Social Security Disability/SSI benefits, and vice versa, can be complicated. Whether you are our current client or are still looking for help, your local Chicagoland Social Security Disability Lawyers at Nash will know how these benefits relate to each other.