Why Do I Need a Chicago Social Security Disability Lawyer to Help Me? Why Nash Disability Law?

May 22, 2018

When you’re trying to win Social Security Disability benefits because serious health problems leave you unable to work, government statistics show that your chances of winning benefits are better if you have a Social Security Disability lawyer.

Why does this matter?

Because most people are denied when they first apply for Social Security Disability.

Over recent years Social Security has been denying on average around 79 percent of initial applicants.

Social Security Disability attorneys dedicate their professional lives to understanding how this complicated system works—the many written and unwritten rules—and why people get denied, and how to guide people through this process so they can secure these life-changing benefits.

Social Security Disability comes with monthly checks to help with essential costs and makes you eligible for Medicare or Medicaid health care coverage.

In a difficult time in your life, when you’re ailing and can’t work, this may be just what you need to regain some stability and peace.

You don’t want to take chances with something so important.

One government study found that you’re almost three times more likely to be awarded benefits when you make your case in front of a disability judge if you have a representative with you, like a disability lawyer.

What Does a Social Security Disability Attorney Bring to My Disability Claim?

It is possible to get help with your Social Security Disability claim from a non-attorney advocate.

A disability attorney, however, has a law degree with training in complex legal matters. An attorney is trained in preparing and presenting evidence, cross-examining witnesses, and writing about your case.

This is important because Social Security operates its own special legal system for deciding who receives disability benefits. This system has complex regulations, multiple steps for appealing a denial, special courts and judges.

A non-attorney advocate doesn’t have a law degree and isn’t trained for complex legal matters.

The Social Security Disability process is likely unfamiliar to you. But a disability lawyer deals with it every day.

Why Should I Get a Social Security Disability Attorney in Chicago?

It’s also possible to find national firms that advertise that they help people apply for disability benefits.

But if you live in the Chicago area, you should consider someone local.

A local, Chicago disability lawyer is familiar with local Social Security offices, local Social Security staff members and local disability judges.

And because Nash Disability Law has helped thousands of people in Chicagoland over decades, we also know the local economy, the demands of local jobs, and local services that may be available to help you when you’re struggling physically and financially.

But most of all, we know local people. We are local people.

You’re going through something highly sensitive on a personal level—severe medical conditions and trouble holding employment. The lawyers at a Chicago Social Security Disability law firm that serves local people can provide the kind of personal care, attention and support that you need and deserve in a time like this.

At Nash Disability Law, you’re not a case number to us. You’re a neighbor.

If you’re ready to pursue disability benefits that can preserve your dignity and independence, give us a call.

We’ve helped more Chicago area people win benefits than any other law firm.

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